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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Most of our clients are retired, or about to retire, and want to protect the assets they have spent a lifetime accumulating. That requires truly comprehensive wealth management. We believe there are five key areas of wealth management, and through Kevin's affiliation with United Planners, he services his clients in all these areas.

Tax Planning

Maximizing use of tax advantaged investment vehicles, Multi-generational IRAs, Tax-free and tax-deferred investment strategies

Retirement Planning

Retirement plan distributions, Income strategies

Investment Planning

Portfolio analysis, Risk/Return evaluation, Asset allocation

Protection Planning

Identifying current & future risk exposure, Analysis of current insurance coverage & cost effectiveness, Long-term care protection

Estate Planning

Working with your attorney to help minimize probate expenses, delays & publicity, reducing or eliminating estate taxes, Helping to assure proper management of family assets


Financial Planning Process

Kevin follows a step-by-step financial planning process to help ensure that all your financial needs are met. It's an ongoing process which includes regular reviews of your situation and making any adjustments necessary to bring you closer to your objectives. Areas covered are cash flow management, education, retirement, and investment planning, risk management, and insurance, tax, and estate planning and business succession planning (for business owners).

Identify Your Goals & Priorities

The first step is to define what is most important to you in life and your financial goals; saving for college and retirement, long term care protection, reducing taxes, avoiding probate, being financially independent and staying that way, etc. These priorities serve as guideposts to map a course of action to reach your goals.

Gather Data

The more information we have the better our analysis will be. We examine your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, taxes, insurance, beneficiary designations, estate plan, and investments.

Analyze the Information

Using our knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and various financial tools we consider your current and future resources, risk profile and lifestyle to conduct a comprehensive analysis and organize all of your financial data and resources.

Propose Solutions

Kevin presents a balanced and realistic plan designed to address your goals and financial concerns. It contains the possible alternatives, strategies, and products that best suit your individual objectives, and with your input and approval a flexible plan is created.


We help you put your customized plan into action. As an independent advisor, Kevin can be as involved as you need him to be.

Provide Service and Update

We regularly meet with you to review your needs and circumstances, updating your plan to accommodate any major unexpected changes. As investment tax laws change, your advisor will inform you of ways to minimize your tax liabilities.